Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are all part of wellness.  Good food and sleeping, mindfulness and meditation contribute as does intellectual wellness which is fueled by learning and curiosity.  Finally, financial wellness at this stage of our lives should be top of mind.

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Body Positivity: 16 Inspiring Women Leading The Movement

Amanda MontgomeryThe Huffington Post Canada
Sixteen women talk about the emotional effects of being plus size, their history with confidence issues, their thoughts on body positivity, as well as their incredible journeys to self-love and acceptance.

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My Ossobuco with Creamy Polenta

My Ossobuco with Creamy Polenta

I love comfort food.  There is something about a hearty slow-cooked meal that just soothes me right to my soul.  Hearty does not necessarily have to be unhealthy so I've adapted these recipes to suit my preferences.  Both of these recipes are super easy and especially...

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Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.


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