Reading: The Next Chapter by Debbie Travis

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Do you remember Debbie Travis? In the late 80’s/90’s she introduced North America to faux painting and then went on to have her own television program called “The Painted House”.  This was way before HGTV and all it’s DIY shows.  From there she went on to have her own TV production company which then spun off to product collabs with retailer Canadian Tire.  She has authored numerous books on painting and decorating and even a parenting book based on her experiences as a working mom.

It’s her most recent book that caught my eye when it came out last winter.  “Design Your Next Chapter is for anyone who feels they are missing that “OOMPH” in their lives, that something that sparks joy, fulfillment or vitality.

The book is part her story and part roadmap with workbook as to what you can do to jumpstart your life.

Whether you’re stuck in a job or a career that is neither challenging nor rewarding; or your children are gone and you’re wondering, ‘now what’; or maybe your marriage is over and it’s time for reinvention.

Debbie Travis talks about her experiences and how she went from a busy and successful life but somehow lacked meaning to creating a new venture where she lives in Tuscany and holds retreats for women who are looking for more in life.  She shares numerous stories of men and women who re-evaluated and then went on to start their “Next Chapter”.

As for me, I think I’ve been looking for my Next Chapter for a while.  I found this book to be a practical and easy read that got me thinking about what truly inspires me, what I want and what I might want to do.

What about you?  What is this middle of life looking like for you?

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