I am not entirely sure what has brought me here, to this venture.

I mean, life has thrown a lot of stuff at me lately and in navigating the”stuff”, two things have really come to the forefront: writing and the unwavering, wholehearted support I have received from women in my life.

I have found myself needing an outlet, maybe a diversion and most certainly, a purpose.  So I started writing about things I like, things that I am passionate about:  fashion, decor, health, well-being, growth.  These are things that I am always sharing with my girlfriends or any other women that might ask me about hair, skin or, where I got that cute top.  😉

What I have really discovered is how willing the women around me have been to step up and offer, advice, resources, a shoulder to cry or to laugh on but most importantly, encouragement and motivation for me to move on into my next chapter.

So here I am.  Writing and looking to continue with this sense of community, empowerment and inspiration.  With this site, I want to connect and connect with like-minded women.  Here we are in our mid-life and we want to be informed, inspired and understood.  I want to be able to offer you information and resources so that you can make life choices that will bring you more joy, more vitality, more pleasure, more beauty and more meaning to your life.

I want us to come together to offer support and inspiration, as we all navigate through our “stuff” to get to that place where love and joy reside.

  • We are passionate about good health; physical, mental & emotional.
  • We are passionate about beauty; in our surroundings and in ourselves.
  • We are passionate about our spirit; that something inside us that is looking for something more. More happiness, more laughter, more joy.
  • We are passionate about growth.
  • We are passionate about helping, supporting & encouraging each other.

I  want this to be a space where we can share our knowledge, experience and our desires to live a life that is fuller and more meaningful. Building a community.

I want us to be kind to each other, to support each other and to lift each other up.

Join me by reading on and sharing your thoughts, questions and opinions.

Christina xo

Navigating life is always easier when we have friends to share it with.

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